Expanded Tools—Interactive Spring 2018

Project 2

Project 2: Boolean


Design and develop a website with two or more states. Create a condition or conditions that your website can meet. What does your website look like when the condition is “true”? what does your website look when the condition is “false”?

A condition can be as wide or narrow as you like. Conditions can come from user input (clicking or hovering a certain part of the site, adjusting the browser window), or less voluntary conditions like location, device being used, time of day, etc.

A successful project will:

Don’t worry about if your code is “correct” or follows best practices. It’s more important that you create an interesting outcome. We will work together to figure out if your idea is reasonable in scope!

Learning Outcomes


Week 1 — Feb 19

Week 2 - Feb 26

Week 3 - Mar 5

Week 4 - Mar 12

Week 5 — Mar 19

Week 6 — Mar 26

Inspiration and Examples

https://www.isitrainingnow.com/ — is it raining where you are
http://kevincadena.com/candy/ — resize browser window)
http://secondthoughts.mx/ — are you scrolling
http://stephaneelbaz.com/ — close/open
http://www.hallo-festspiele.de/en/program — mouse on / off

See an Are.na channel for more examples.