Expanded Tools—Interactive Spring 2018

Project 3

Project 3: (Hyper)Text


Choose a text. The text can be anything—a poem, an essay, a collection of texts from a friend—but for your sake please choose a text that’s not too long. Ideally something you have the rights to. You are also welcome to use something you’ve written yourself.

Re-publish the text as an interactive website. Design interactions in relation to the reading experience. Your text isn’t required to be legible, however, illegibility should be a reflection of the text itself or your reaction to the text.

An interactive text can be anything from an interactive journal article to a hypertext novel. If you like, the website can have a printed component. This website should be a work of graphic design. Please consider typography, form, color, and layout.

Learning Outcomes


Week 1 — April 02

Week 2 — April 09

Week 3 — April 16

Week 4 — April 23

Inspiration and Examples


Mr Plimpton’s Revenge

Julia Kim Smith

Mushaf Muscat

A Friend is Writing

A Common Practice

Taylor Swift Quotes

See an Are.na channel for more examples.