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Exhibition Microsite


  1. Using  SF MOMA  and  YBCA  archives as a source for content, select a past exhibition.
  2. Create a microsite showcasing the work in that exhibition.

Het Nieuwe Instituut by Moniker.


Determine the tone and focus of your selection. How can you make a website that highlights the information (location, date, time, descriptions, metadata, etc) about this exhibition while showcasing the content in an engaging way? How can you explore different ways of showing the tone? Should it be legible? Formal? Ambient? Obtuse?

Consider the ideal viewing conditions for your site. Are you literally representing the in-person experience online as in the case of  404 Error: The Object is Not Online ? Are you meant to view your exhibition within the space on your phone like  Minneapolis Sculpture Garden ? Consider augmenting your website with a physical display – are their objects meant to be viewed IRL along with your website? Can you print your website out? Does your website supplement visiting the SFMOMA or YBCA in person?


Matisse Cut-Outs at the MoMA



Karel Martens at P!